How To: Avoid common mistakes when gripping a golf club

Avoid common mistakes when gripping a golf club

In golf the grip is the key essential feature and this video shows you the most common mistakes. It is intended for a right handed golfer - left handed players should note that the opposite applies. Let your hands fall to your sides and let your fingers fall to the grip. The video shows a weak, neutral and strong grip. The strong grip shows a V shape formed by the left thumb and forefinger pointed to the right shoulder. The palm of the right hand should face the target. You should let the fingers do the gripping, and not the palm of your hand. The right thumb and index finger should be close. Hands should be close to each other, and there should be little grip pressure from your right hand. This video recommends the overlapping grip and not the interlocking grip though either way is correct. The arms should be held square and not too high, to prevent a slice. This grip should be practiced for five minutes every night. It will feel uncomfortable at first but if you keep doing this, you will improve!

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