How To: Avoid shanks in golf

Avoid shanks in golf

Everyone shanks the ball sometimes in golf and most wonder why they do and how to prevent it. There are two reasons that you shank the ball. One reason people shank is because they are trying to keep the hands behind the ball and it creates such an angle that the only place you can hit the ball is in the shank of the club. Some people also flip the club over at the last second and that creates an angle that causes the shank to hit the ball too. What you want to do is tuck the left arm in and work on squaring the left hand towards the target and that will square the club up and help you hit the ball with the club not the shank of the club. You want to concentrate on working the toe of the club not the heal of the club from the top of the swing through the ball. So don't concentrate on keeping the hands back so much and practice that swing.

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