How To: Calculate a handicap in golf

Calculate a handicap in golf

This video presentation details the process of calculating a handicap in golf, in this presentation the handicap will be calculated on the USGA handicap system which is the official handicap system to be used in the United States. On each score card, there is a designation for the handicap and slope, these numbers do not vary frequently between sixty-eight and seventy-four, and one-fifteen, and one-thirty, respectively. The 'Slope' is a new calibration that is used to help make a handicap fair and equitable when playing in tournaments. The handicap is calculated using the course rating, and slope from the score card. Take the score, and subtract it from the course rating. Multiply the resulting number by one-thirteen. Divide the resulting number by the slope of the course. This resulting number is a 'differential' Take the lowest differential, and multiply it by .96, it is ideal to do this using twenty scores for the purpose of taking a larger number of lowest differentials to make an average. The resulting number from this process is the handicap.

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