How To: Change golf shoe spikes

Change golf shoe spikes

This video presentation details the process of changing the spikes on the bottom of a golf shoe. First off, a tool must be purchased for the process of removing the spikes from the bottom of the shoe. Along with the tool, spikes should be purchased which correspond with the tool purchased. A key element to the removal of the spikes from the shoe is not the wait long to switch out the spikes, this produces a large sum of wear. To remove the spike, use the tool to turn and twist the spike. As it is turned, it should come out. Take a replacement spike, match the threads to the hole on the shoe, insert it, and turn it into the shoe to fix it in place. It should be noted that modern golf shoes use soft spikes, in place of metal spikes for the purpose of providing better results for the golfer, and to reduce wear upon the green. A sign of needing to change spikes is when they are frayed or shredded, and there is a lack of traction. It is imperative with soft spikes to change them often.

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