How To: Control a slice in golf

Control a slice in golf

This video presentation details how to control and reduce a slice in golf. Materials required include a golf club, golf balls, and optionally a tee. Ideally a wood would be involved in this practice. How to control the slice is somewhat of a misnomer since the intent of the process is to remove the slice since it can be an unwanted thing. A slice is when a golf club is swung and the club remains 'open', this is when it is facing toward the right as the swing is coming through, this imparts a right hand spin. The first step in reducing slice is to get the club to rotate. This involves making a rotation of the forearms in the process of the swing. A practice drill to train to rotate the arms and club is to use an Iron in a driving position. Raise the Iron to a vertical angle, then swing it and stop in a rotated position. This will establish a 'feel' for the procedure. This process also involves the rotation of the hips while also rotating the arms. Once this is done, the ball should not slice.

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