How To: Grip your golf club the right way

Grip your golf club the right way

One of the key fundamentals to playing a successful game of golf is to master your grip on the club. Stand in front of the club with your hands relaxed at your sides and let the club fall into your hands. Next, bring the club around front and set it down. When you position the club to hit the ball you will see two to three knuckles of your left hand. Your right hand will be hanging relaxed at your side. Bring your hand up like you are shaking hands with somebody. When you look down, the V shape formed by your right thumb and index finger will point towards your nose. Don't grip the club in the palm of your hands but rather in your fingers. Apply very little pressure to the index finger of the right hand and the thumb. Overlapping or interlocking your hands is a matter of preference. Make sure the leading edge of the club face is square. Stand nice and tall with your elbows under to get a good grip on your golf club.

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