How To: Hit a golf ball low

Hit a golf ball low

This video demonstrates how to hit a golf ball low. Wood clubs and iron clubs require completely different methodologies. If you are trying to hit a low iron shot, you are trying to de-loft the ball and have the ball come out on a low trajectory. The easiest way to do that is to put the ball further back in your stance. This is true whether you are using a 5 iron, a 7 iron or a 9 iron. Place the ball back towards your right foot. Put more weight on the left side and lean the club handle forward. When you come in to the ball the club hits the ball and then the turf well in front of the ball. This is very similar to the shot Tiger Woods uses called the "stinger shot". The technique is very different when you use a wooden club. The ball is placed forwards and the driver hits the ball higher. Lean to the right. The club comes at the ball from low to high. This takes off back spin and ensures that the ball stays low. That's it!

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