How To: Identify whether your golf swing plane is correct

Identify whether your golf swing plane is correct

Golf Link demonstrates how to identify whether your golf swing plane is correct. The swing plane is the path described by the golf head that controls the direction that the club head is traveling through when it impacts the ball. An on plane swing will have the club head directly traveling towards the target at the point of impact. That and a square face will make a straight shot. If the swing comes inside or below the plane, it will produce a hook shot or a push shot. A swing that comes outside or above the plane will produce a pull shot or a slice shot. In the golf shot set up, the bottom of the club should be pointing directly in the plane line. When the club is drawn back it will be parallel to the plane line. If you identify that you have a problem with your plane, you will need to determine what the symptom is and what the cause is. Most problems occur in the pivot or the setup position.

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