How To: Play golf with Goofy

Play golf with Goofy

In this sports video tutorial you will learn how to play golf with Goofy. Contrary to many beliefs, playing golf is not a waste of time. Out in the open green, happily the golfer chooses his club. A modern golfer comes with balanced and matched clubs. A tee is used to support the ball. The interlocking grip is extremely scientific and it gives the golfer a virtually unbreakable grip over the club. Learn it from an expert. Once the grip is mastered, the golfer is ready to hit the ball; which is the object of the game. You start off by hitting the ball with a swing. A perfect swing requires the perfect co-ordination of the hands, feet, arms, legs, elbows and nose. Always keep your eyes on the ball. You can watch the video for the full instructions.

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