How To: Pull of the perfect pre-shot routine in golf

Pull of the perfect pre-shot routine in golf

In this video, Tom Leese, Director of Instruction at Angel Park Golf Club, gives pointers for your pre-shot routine in golf. Important in the transition from the practice range to real games, your pre-shot routine helps you get situated and ready to play real competitive golf. Tom explains, first, how to set your lines, taking a straight and purposeful line down course where you want your ball to go, and remaining fixed on it, as you approach your tee. Then, when positioned at your ball, he tells us, remain purposeful, stare at your decided downrange target, glance at your ball, stare at your target again, waggle your club once to loosen up, and finally, swing right down the line you had fixed on prior. Setting a straight and fixed line from your position, downrange, and remaining purposeful about it, is Tom's main advice, and watching him do it, in this video, you'll have a strong idea of what you want to do to get your preshot routine sorted out, and a strong idea of how to improve your overall golf game.

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