How To: Improve your short game in golf

Improve your short game in golf

The game in golf includes pitch shots, chip shots, and sand shots. To improve your short game the first thing to do is to learn how to vary the position of the ball in your stance. In a longer Bermuda grass down south the further the ball is to the right in the stance of a right handed golfer the cleaner the strike will be when you swing. Putting the ball to the right also creates more spin which helps to stop the ball sooner. If you are up north with short grass you can put the ball more in the middle of your stance with your hands slightly forward. That works best in this situation because you don't need as deep of a divot with shorter grass. You can also put the ball to the front of your stance just off of your left heel. This will all you to make a lob shot. The hands should be back when you swing with this ball position. You will hit the grass first and scoop the ball up and lob it onto the green. Using these ball positions will help your score improve.

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