How To: Use the "tilt the T" drill to cure a golf pull shot

Use the "tilt the T" drill to cure a golf pull shot

We will be learning how to fix the dreaded pull in our golf swings. The major problem for most people is the position. The first thing to keep in mind is bending at the hips. The knees may be bent, but if you are not bent at the waist, your shoulders will come through to high during the swing. Your shoulder should be moving over the ball and driving through, not across.

The drill to fix this is called the Tilt the t drill. Take a stance at shoulder width, stand straight up, put your club even and perpendicular to your belt buckle and extend your left arm (right arm for lefties). Then to get the club to the ground for the shot, bend only with the waist moving nothing else but your torso and when the club hits the ground stop. Now you will have the perfect set up to get under and through the shot. Hope this is helpful, and good luck out there.

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